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Ian Terz

The reliance of animals to humans should be greater than how it is portrayed today.
For thousands of years we have lived with the land, we have taken care of the land, and the land has taken care of us
I think we need to begin to respect other cultures and the way they adhere to their lifestyle.
We have been satisfied to see our wealth as ourself and the land we live with. It is our greatest with to be able to pass this land to the succeeding generation
As americans we tend to look past old traditions and only seek new ways, and ways everyone can accept.
Yet with our society that contains many different classes, nationalities, and people. I feel that coming to one sole agreement is impossible.
Respecting culture is also something i think is hard for americans to wrap their heads around, we are raised around a negative perception of race and criminalize certain cultures with no realization of fault.
We need to learn to respect the fact that every individual has their own freedom and their own life that has intricate complications, just as their own complications.
Being “color blind” has somehow become an excuse for being blind to racism. It has become a way for white Americans to discount the very much present racist experiences of persons of color in this country.
Organized military killed indians and were given 25 cents a scalp and 5 a head.
In 1851 and 1852 the state of California paid out close to 1 million for the killing of Indians
Father Juniper Serra liked to beat and starve Native poeple
Living in a foreign country for a while, I realized the differences of racism and how people are treated with more respect regardless of their religion or race. People in Hijabs are respected just like the blonde white americans. To apply this lifestyle to the states is very hard, the ignorance of americans is too profound to alter or mess with. Only through a radical change in my opinion can the americans improve their lifestyle
The most significant difference between indigenous and western metaphysics is revoked around the importance of land. American indians hold their land, which has a great meaning to them. It is a profound misunderstanding to think of land or place as simply some material object of profound importance, We are as much a part of land as any other object or thing
People have an obligation to the land animals plants and lands the same way we have obligations to other people. The portrayal of Walking dead and the zombie apocalypse is an interesting parallelism to the course. It provides us with a modern day example, and allows us to understand the circumstances
Native americans receive a lot of scrutiny, but I also think that is true with about every race…