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Annotated Bibliography "Wolves and Hunting Dogs in Wisconsin : A Guide for Reducing Conflict between Wolves and Hunting Dogs." Wisconsin. Department of Natural Resources, 12 Jan. 2007. The article Wolves and Hunting Dogs in Wisconsin discusses the growth of wolves and who they are. By the late winter in 2003 there were 335 wolves and that is before the pups were born. People bear hunt with dogs all over Wisconsin using dogs. They hunt in different locations and in some location is where the wolves find their territory. The article says “ the hunters should move 2 or 3 miles away from the wolves rendezvous sites.” Wolves can have miles of territory but only use and stay in a mile. The article also says to watch for tracks and stay away from the main territory.
“Stop Wolf Hunts” Feb. 12, 2015 Knowing that there are people who are strongly against wolf hunting there are many blogs and articles out there. The No Wolf Haters blog says “the U.S. Congressional Representative from Wisconsin, believes that we should slaughter our reintroduced gray wolves, instead of working for peaceful co-existence with ranchers for non lethal wolf controls.” All this is saying is that they want to find a easier way to remove some of the wolves out of the more populated place for hunting. Bump, Joseph. "Bear-Baiting May Exacerbate Wolf-Hunting Dog Conflict." 17 Apr. 2012. Joseph Bump ran some tests showing that bear baiting can make Wolf Hunting dog conflict worse. His work showed that the wolf abundance goes up then the amount of dogs that get injured or die by wolves. He did his work on two different states that had about the same wolf population. There are many ways to fight the wolf and hunting dog situation. Some say they need to regulate the bear baiting and hunting with dogs. The Wisconsin DNR announced “ we are going to reduce the statewide population of wolves by half, from approximately 700 to 350.” This is going to reduce the population of wolves by half, which will then bring down the casualties for dogs. Reducing the wolf population would save money for the state because “the state pays 2,500 dollars per hunting dog killed by wolf” says the Wisconsin DNR. BRIEF: Wolves found dead during hunting season. McClatchy - Tribune Business News (2008, Dec 09). Wolves being a big controversy on weather to allow them to be hunted or not. Authorities of the DNR found six dead wolves before and during the nine-day gun deer hunt. They know that the growing population to wolves has drawn criticism to some hunters. The DNR still says, “Shooting a wolf is violation of the federal Endangered Species Act.” Shooting wolves is a controversial subject and they can’t stop people from hunting them illegally but the DNR and other authorities want to just control the population in a safe manner. Myers, J. Wolves killing more dogs, livestock in Wisconsin. McClatchy - Tribune Business News (2011, Feb 15). 14 pet dogs and 20 bear hunting dogs have been killed in 2010. More live stock have been effected by the growing wolf population. Adrian Wydeven said, “I think besides the increase in the number of farms where we’re seeing problems, the number of dogs being attacked is really telling. It’s getting much higher than what we used to see.” He also said that 2010 brought the first case of a bird hunting dog being killed by wolves. From wolf attacks the state paid more than 61,000 dollars for the dogs and another 114,000 dollars on farms for loss of cattle. Waydeven also said “wolf problems probably are increasing because wolves are moving into new areas and because state officials have few options to kill wolves.” "SEVEN WOLVES ILLEGALLY KILLED DURING THE 2011 WISCONSIN GUN DEER SEASON." States News Service. LexisNexis Academic. Web. Date Accessed: 26 Feb. 2015 Killing wolves is illegal but yet people still do it out of