History Of The Acoustic Guitar

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Spain also discovered the Acoustic guitar. Antonio de Torres Jurado was “the most important Spanish guitar maker of the 19th century.” Guitars were the called mandolins, and with Jurado’s help in the 1950’s is what started the “mandolin” become its own instrument. He added his own designs and attachments to the instrument so that it could look different from the manolin name and become its own. The spanish invented which is considered to be the father of the acoustic guitar, called vihuela. Jurado also did his magic on this instrument too by making it bigger and altering its proportions.
In 1911 Leonardo Torres y Quevedo successfully discovered a chess playing automaton. The chess game was fully automatic it had electrical sensing of the pieces on the board. It also had an effect of an mechanical arm to move its own pieces. In 1920, Torres originated another chess automation for a second time by using magnets underneath the board to move the pieces.
Another amazing invention Spain designed is Table Football being known as Table Soccer. Table Football is a fast game used with a bar. This game has became very common in countries around the world. Players twist the handles of bars that follows across the table. The inventor of Table football is Alejandro Finisterre, Finisterre was an editor and inventor in France, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico. Alejandro was unable to play football so .During the Spanish history Spain had the darkest time when faith, greed, and politics combined brought deaths of many during the time of Reconquista and the Inquisition. The Reconquista was the attempt by Christian Spain to expel all Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula.