Unwind Character Analysis

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For the duration of the gripping novel “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman, conflict is the directional impetus. The story is told in a future perspective, following the second Civil War. Consequently, it was made legal for parents to unwind their child between the age of thirteen and eighteen. When unwound, a child’s organs are removed and transplanted into divergent recipients. Lev, one of the main character positioned in the story, is systematized to be unwound. He however, is a tithe, meaning he was born and raised to be unwound. Since tithing is Lev’s religion, he prepares himself and celebrates his harvesting. Throughout the novel “Unwind”, by Neal Shusterman, Lev faces conflicts including character vs self, character vs society, and character vs fate. In further elucidation, one of the many conflicts that Lev …show more content…
From the moment he was born, Lev’s fate was decided. He was going to be tithed the year he turned thirteen years old. All his life he was taught that tithing was holy and he would be seen as a child of god, but his brother Marcus, along with Connor and Risa have both told him what the reality is. When Lev was asked if he lost his faith, he replies, “No, just my convictions. I still very much believe in God- just not a god who condones human tithing” (pg 329). To conclude, character vs self, character vs society, and character vs fate are all conflicts Lev was faced with in the thrilling novel, “Unwind”, by Neal Shusterman. Throughout the story, Lev was faced with many challenges to overcome including having to deal with the lie his life was based upon, being the concept of tithing. He was also confronted with constant fear society will figure out he is an unwind, leaving him hiding and running to steer clear of authority. Lastly, Lev had to find a way to change his fate by surviving on his own until he turned eighteen, or he would meet his death at a harvest