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Social Responsibility is becoming very important and popular to corporations. Many businesses are using the Triple Bottom Line, which means businesses use this to measure their success not only by profit but the planet and people as well. In this paper, I will be discussing Lowe’s and their social responsibility to people, profit and plant. Lowe’s values their employees, community, and the planet.


Lowe’s values their people. They work hard to make sure they are trained, developed, competitive pay, great benefit packages. Employees are offered health programs, discounts, and the Lowe’s Employee Relief Fund. This fund was put in place to help employees in a time of need. Lowe’s has high ethical standards and has a detailed Code of Ethics policy. Lowe’s embraces Diversity and Inclusion. The goal for diversity and inclusion is “The behavior and actions that support diversity and inclusion come from the conviction of every Lowe's employee--making diversity and inclusion a conscious part of how we run our business, serve our customers, represent ourselves in the community, and treat each other.”(Lowe’s) Lowe’s also takes safety very seriously. Employees are given detailed training on the safety policies and rules. This ensures the safety of all employees and customers.

Community Lowe’s company and employees are very involved in the community. They have several programs in place to help people in need. A few programs in place include Lowe’s Hero’s, Lowe’s Foundation, and Lowe’s Toolbox for Education. The Lowe’s Hero’s program is employee volunteers working with local non-profit organizations to improve their communities. (Lowe’s) The Lowe’s Foundation funds non-profit organizations and public agencies that help improve communities. The Lowe’s Toolbox for Education helps improve schools in the community. Lowe’s also has partnerships with Habitat For Humanity, Boys and Girls Club of America, MDA, Rebuilding Together, and the America Red Cross. Lowe’s is dedicated to improving communities and helping where it is needed.

Environment A few things Lowe’s does to help with the environment is Recycling, responsible wood sourcing, and Product Solutions. Each store offers recycling bins for customers to bring in batteries, light bulbs, and plastic bags. Lowe’s recycles wood pallets, cardboard, and old appliances. Lowe’s also offers