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Modern Myth


The American Dream means many things to many people. A person can interpret it to fit in their own perfect little fairy tale, happily ever after needs. For some it means salvation, or freedom, or wealth, or family empowerment. Whatever that one person may be, whether they are foreign or domestic, they have the dream. With each person they think that it will be found right here within our borders. Everyone has dreams but few achieve those lofty goals due to their work ethic or personal drive. It is not easy to become one of the one percenters. The one percenters have reached their American Dream. They have everything they want and everything we desire to have one day. They have the big houses, perfect family, fancy cars, their own business, huge bank accounts, the ability to do anything they could possible want. Is that really what the American Dream is? This exert is from my part of the team assignment. I believe our team worked together to see the greater good. I accept now more people for immigrating to our country. I wouldn’t say that I was a bigot but I was more against the people coming into our country. But backtracking our country is built on immigration. There is almost nobody in our country that can’t look up their own family tree and not find a foreign family member. I believe that the American dream helps our work ethics and goal aspirations. With the dream ahead of us we all have somewhere to go and something