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Miss Sabia Begum
27 Cadbury Road
Moseley, Birmingham, B13 9BH
Home: 01214499794

Personal Profile
I am a hardworking and well organised individual. I am reliable, trustworthy and furthermore I work well under pressure. I have excellent record of attendance, which I believe is essential to my work ethnic in order to, strengthen and support effective organisational skills.

I am a competent and efficient worker who is driven by the need to succeed. I would like to work with a good institute where I can develop my knowledge. I enjoy working with children as well as in a business environment. My loyalty and commitment is matched by my resourcefulness and willingness to take on new challenges.

Key skills:
* I am computer literate, I have experience using arrange of Microsoft office packages.
* I work well part of a team and on my own initiative.
* I have good social and communication skills.
* I have the ability to adapt to an environment quickly and learn quickly.
* I am relaxed and do not keep myself under pressure, which makes me achieve more in what I am doing.

Past Employment Receptionist – Miss Fitness April-May 2010
* Entering client data into the company’s data system.
* Taking orders in the correct manner.
* Communicating with other people
* Offering help in the best manner to customers

South and City College Birmingham 2012-2013 OCR Level 3 Diploma in Business Skills
OCR Level 2 Diploma in Business skills 2011-2012
Selly Park Technology College For Girls 2010-2011 Mathematics - E English Language