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Sammy Quit’s his job
At first glance, Sammy would seem to present us with a simple and plausible explanation as to why he quits his job at the grocery store mentioned in the title: he is standing up for the girls that his boss, Lengel, has insulted. He even tries to sell us on this explanation by mentioning how the girls' embarrassment at the hands of the manager makes him feel "scrunchy" inside and by referring to himself as their "unsuspected hero" after he goes through with his "gesture. It does not seem like that Sammy would have quit in defense of girls whom he quite evidently despises and that more likely explanations of his action lie in his boredom with his job and his desire to rebel against his parents.
Sammy finds the three girls who enter the supermarket attractive, as would any normal nineteen-year-old male, what is most noticeable about his descriptions of the girls, and particularly of the "leader" of the group, is that Sammy holds them in contempt. The descriptions of their bodies, we see nothing but comments directed at them, including the nicknames that Sammy assigns to them. Nowhere is this more evident that Sammy's description of the leader, "Queenie." The nickname assigned to her by Sammy points out the stereotypical judgment that Sammy makes about her personality and social status initially, and to which Sammy rigidly adheres despite no real evidence.
The thought that he would quit his job in defense of this person that he so evidently despises is…