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Wesley Mazurek
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?
Global Warming, The Greenhouse Effect, is a very controversial topic in our society, and both sides are backed by political parties/politicians. The idea is based upon our emissions into the atmosphere, creating a hole in the o-zone, allowing more sun in and in turn heating up the earth. The greenhouse effect, in itself has some logic to it, but there is no factual evidence or proof that can relate it to an increased surface temperature on earth. Man-made global warming is a fictional ploy, developed in order to gain a financial or political reward.
Green Energy has no negative repercussions, and it is in no way though to be a bad thing, but he need for it is commonly misrepresented. Al Gore, a well-known politician, has been a leading role in the political face of reducing our carbon footprint. Little do most people know, and whether he believes in man-made global climate change or not, he has invested a lot of money into Green Energy and then used his political status to help those companies succeed, in turn, giving him a huge profit.
During the 1970s, there was a big scare similar to that of the global warming scare now (Peterson). Actually, it was almost exactly the same; it was global cooling, rather than global warming. Due to a natural global climate change that is part of a very long cycle, people are trying to blame humans for the climate change. In reality, they are manipulating data, in order to convince people that we need to change our bad habits. The climate change has been normal according to historical records of the climate. In 2006, Al Gore made a bold statement saying that we only had 10 years to solve this problem until the world would be uninhabitable. It is currently 2014, two years from his expected, “due date,” and there is no signs or evidence to support the idea that the world will be uninhabitable in 2016.
Many of the theories that have to do with global warming have ignored the patterns in history, and events such as the “little ice age.” For the past 17 years, the earth has been at a constant temperature. All of my life, I have heard about global warming, but since I have been alive, there has been no change in earths average temperature.
The Global Warming scare has just started a new economic chapter; people have all of a sudden started caring about the earth, and are willing to put their money up for it. There are countless cars on the market nowadays that are either fully electric or hybrid electric, and in reality they are: 1) More expensive, 2) They can’t travel as far as gas powered cars, 3) They aren’t really eliminating pollution, because in order to charge them you have to use electricity that comes from a power plant that is emitting the same harmful pollutants.
A big problem with the predictions made by scientists about global warming is that they are guessing