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Gem paper clip
Papers and prints make up the majority of our day to day lives and activities. From newspapers to educational books to notes taken in class, paper is a basic yet important necessity for every individual. Therefore for such an important “tool” there’s a need for something that would keep them safe and organized. From early times there have been various gadgets that fulfilled this purpose such as the straight pins which was used to fasten pieces of paper together (Figure 1). One category of these tools are the “paper clips” which has been designed in many shapes and forms such as the Philadelphia (Figure 2) and the Niagara clip(Figure 3). Even though very useful, they have their problems as well. For example the straight pins pokes holes through the paper and might cause bleeding if not used properly or the material of the Philadelphia and Niagara clip allows them to rust and ruin your paper. But the most practical and widely used of all these are the “Gem paper clips” which is used across the globe daily by thousands of people.

-Break down of parts (details): The Gem-style paper clip is a simple to use tool which comes in various sizes and is made up of one piece stainless steel rod. The standard ones are approximately 1.0 mm in diameter and 165 mm in length (Figure 4).This rod is then looped three times to give us the shape of the gem paper clip(Figure 5). One advantage that this clip has over the other ones is the stainless steel material…