Ups( Management System) Essay

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Chapter 1 Information Systems in Global Business Today Case 1: UPS Global Operations with the DIAD IV Tags: UPS global operations; handheld computers; wireless mobile platform; digital firm; integration of business; customer value generation. Summary How IT drives the UPS operation worldwide. Using smart people and smart technology, UPS delivers over 14 million packages daily to 200 countries and territories, requiring the talents of 70,000 drivers who are wirelessly connected to UPS main databases located in seventeen major data centers throughout through out the world. L= 3:15. URL: Case United Parcel Service's global operations are driven by its information systems technology. …show more content…
Part of what makes the DIAD such a powerful tool is the system - ODS (On-Demand Services) - that enables communication with the driver. Every UPS driver automatically logs into the ODS system first thing in the morning. This allows dispatchers and center management to access the driver via his/her DIAD throughout the day by sending generalized text messages. Virtually all drivers start their day with a list of predefined customer pickup locations for that day. Thanks to ODS, the addition of a one-time pickup can be added to a driver's work list on-the-fly, enabling UPS to take best advantage of the geographic location of its entire fleet for servicing pickup requests. By using the DIAD, UPS eliminates the use of 59 million sheets of paper per year. The DIAD IV is the most comprehensive tracking device in the delivery industry, combining data collection and transmission technologies, digital signature capture, extensive expandable memory and rugged construction to withstand extreme temperatures and hard falls." Other Features Operating System Processor Weight Size Display Battery Keypad Audio Windows CE .NET Intel XScale, 400 MHz 2.6 lb. 10" x 6.4" x 1.9" 2.8" x 2.1" color 3.2AH, 7.2v, Li-on 45 large, raised keys Speaker, microphone

The UPS technology infrastructure enables UPS to offer its customers many services, such as package tracking, freight planning, and freight truck packing optimization, in addition to the basic shipment of packages. Case Study Questions 1.