Ups a Global Company Essay

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Companies which handle packaging services must be able to provide a variety of options to their consumers. They must be able to meet consumer demands when parcels need to be shipped and received within a designated timeframe. UPS is a global company which meets all of these needs.
Describe Main Line of Business of the Company
United Parcel Service started out as the American Messenger Company founded by 19 year old James Casey in Seattle, Washington back in 1907. Most deliveries were made on foot or bicycle. It wasn’t until 1919 that the adopted name, United Parcel Service became official. This was because “United” served as a reminder that every retail expansions were part of the overall organization. “Parcel” was the
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Implementation of Communication Strategy
UPS uses a variety of mixed media to promote their services to consumers. These include print, online and television advertising. Web sites contain product and service information, news updates as well as contact information and is user friendly (Kerin, 2011). Call center services are available to consumers and businesses, thru leasing, to provide fulfillment and shipping of their products out to their customers. UPS currently provides the back-end support to in which they are responsible for all shipments of the Nike products out to their customers who purchased them (Levy, 2001).
Implementation of Pricing Strategy
The pricing strategy of UPS is based on their competition. They want to establish lower prices in order to retain returning consumers. Prices are individually based on the services needed by consumers. These would include type of transportation needed for delivery, where the package is being shipped to and the timeframe in which it needs to arrive at its destination. Prices for international shipments must be calculated using the currency exchange rate and competitive pricing of the country as well as the income of consumers who live there (Ebert & Griffin, 2011).
Differences in Implementation: From One Country to Another
UPS serves over 200 countries worldwide. Rules and regulations vary. It is important to know the legal terms and