Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle'

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Melody Mayen-Cisneros
History 4th hour
The Jungle book report

Upton Sinclair, muckraking journalist, wrote a novel called The Jungle in the progressive era in 1903, depicting and arguing the gruesome and tragic story of the immigrant’s lives. In the book, The Jungle, he displays Social Darwinism, which is only the fittest, will survive. Upton Sinclair inventiveness uses his title, “The Jungle” as a comparison saying that America was a jungle, capitalist being the predator and the average man is their prey. Upton Sinclair noted that “I aimed for the public heart and by accident I hit it in the stomach “(US history book 510). He stated this because he hoped to obtain more sympathy by telling the depressing
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This stated that America was a land of freedom and full with opportunities. However throughout the book, the farther one goes, the more one can distinguish that the American dream is simply a naïve delusion, which immigrants fall prey to. The main characters first believed this American dream when hearing that a fellow Lithuania who had indicated that he had contrived a fortune. This was told by Jonas – Teta Elzbieta sister, whom were stepmother and uncle to Jurgis soon to be wife, Ona. Ona’s father had recently passed away leaving them with an abundant amount of debt, which left them losing almost everything. Although they lost almost everything, and believed the American dream, Ona didn’t want to leave her siblings or Teta Elzbita behind. With the hopes of accomplishing the American dream they raised up the money to make the trip possible. A total of twelve immigrants left to go to America - Jurgis, Ona, Teta, Jonas and all six of Ona’s siblings – Stanislovas, Ktorina, Vilimas, Nikalojus, Juozapas, Kristoforas ; accompanying along would be Dede Antanas Rudkus, Jurgis father and as well Marija Beercynskas, Ona’s cousin. They had first land in New York, which meant they that they would have gone to Ellis island on New York harbor, were European immigrants are processed. Once leaving New York, they were heading for Chicago. Once reaching Chicago the …show more content…
Nonetheless when Ona, Marija and Teta Elzbieta meet with the real estate agent to visit the house to their disappointment they found the complete opposite, the color-scheme wasn’t even the start. The size of the house was said to be bigger yet ended up quite small, the house seemed unoccupied, and to their disappointment inside didn’t get better, the basement nor the attic were completely finish. Consequently, because of their naïve and ignorance, they take the chance, yet because of rumors, they seek illegal advice. However, for reason that the lawyer was a partner in crime with the real estate agent, he gave them the all clear. Once the papers were sign, they had found out that the house was said to be “rental”. More so this wasn’t the worst part, they also found out that they had to pay more intersect on the debt, insurance, yearly tax, and yearly water and if city decides to put in a sidewalk or a sewer they would had to pay that as well, bringing them to pay more than expected; therefore they were forced to struggle and overwork to be able to pay ever month. Almost all the family was forced to work to help pay the bills or else they would all get evicted, and all the money they had paid on it would be forfeiture. In the being when Ona went to see the agent, she stated that "He was a smooth and florid personage, elegantly dressed and