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Urania-Christine Franklin
Instructor: Erin Felicetti
January 18, 2015
Natural nourishments or organic foods have ended up progressively more known in the course of recent years. Organic food is consequential from crops or animals produced in a farming system that avoid the use of manufactured manures, pesticides, development controllers and additives. The furor to deliver, advertise and expend them has moved through the country and the interest for organic foods has exponentially developed. The profit from organic foods that people gain is being healthier, consuming a higher amount of supplements, and decreasing exposure to antibiotics and pesticides. Also organic foods have been proven to help the environment to be cleaner, healthier and more protected for all living organisms.
There have been proven benefits to human health from the consumption of organic foods. “During the last 50 years vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and riboflavin content has been declining in conventional foodstuffs grown in this country” (Crinnion, 2010 p-6). With these truths we can conclude that natural nourishment not just has better nutrients, but additionally has higher amounts of vitamins and minerals than foods from conventional farming. To observe the medical advantages of natural nourishment, specialists used the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster), rose on natural produce, and observed the general fly wellbeing. “Flies raised on diets made from organically grown produce had greater fertility and longevity. On certain food sources, greater activity and greater stress resistance was additionally observed, suggesting that organic food bestows positive effects on fly health” (Chhabra, Kolli, Bauer, 2013 p-1). Through this information, it is safe to say that natural substances have larger amounts of supplements that are vital to the body, and higher protein. “Organic food has furthermore been shown to contain lower levels of nitrates, which may explain some of the improved health characteristics of Drosophila raised on organic foods” (Chhabra, Kolli, Bauer, 2013 p-7). All through the world, pesticide use has increased on conventional produce, whereas natural nourishment has almost no pesticides. Non-organic fruits and vegetables last longer due to the preservatives used to save it. Having less pesticide in natural nourishment is certainly an advantage in light of the fact that pesticides are bad for the body. The various disadvantages of changing your diet to consuming organic foods can not only be costly but also harmful to your health. The EPA and USDA have directed numerous studies throughout the last few decades demonstrating artificially utilized pesticides, or any compound besides, are genuinely cancer-causing in more than 50 percent of them. “Until recently, nobody bothered to look at natural chemicals (such as organic pesticides) because it was assumed that they posed little risk. But when the studies were done, the results were somewhat shocking: you find that about half of the natural chemicals studied are carcinogenic” (Pesticides in Organic Farming, 2014). Being that there are health risks to consuming organic foods, it may not be enough to not still consider the change. The price to eat healthier is another reason to consider sticking to conventional foods, for it can become very costly. Ron Schnitzer of Sani Pure Labs revealed, “There was a really significant difference between the organic produce and the conventional produce. As it turned out, the organic broccoli and lettuce had much higher levels of bacteria than the conventional. It’s not harmful bacteria, but it is bacteria that will spoil your produce much quicker. And what that means to the shopper who is spending more for organic, is the product will have a much shorter shelf life”, (Lieberman, 2014). The food spoiling faster causes more financial problems for the consumer due to having to spend more money on the same product if not used in a certain