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The Geography of Languages and Religion

‘American Idol’, “X factor’, and ‘The Voice’ have continuously been some of the top shows watched in the United States. These shows are competitive in the music business and will get you a signed contract if you are the winner. In Malaysia, they have shows slightly different then our preferred entertainment shows. Instead of winning contracts with record labels or winning thousands of dollars, their shows are in search of the country’s most eligible young religious leader. In the Malaysian show, ‘Young Imam’ the last man standing at the end of the show wins a scholarship to the al-Madinah University in Saudi Arabia. With that prize also comes, a job leading prayers at a Kuala Lumpur mosque with a paid trip to Mecca to perform the Haj pilgrimage. The judge of the show is a former grand mufti of Malaysia’s national mosque named Hasan Mahmood. The ten contestants do not sing, or run through obstacles, instead they are tested on general knowledge and geography of their country. The contestants’ duties range from leading prayers to helping with community problems. They are also banned from watching TV, reading newspapers or going online in order to help them focus on their religious studies. In one show, they had to lecture a gang of street racers about Islam. Their duty is to expand their religious beliefs and carry the faith of Islam. I think religion and faith are the concepts of this article. I believe the United…