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SIGNS OF LIFE high above are impossible to detect. The first time in history over half the world’s inhabitance lived in city. Four major city’s; Mexico city, estan bul, chang hi, and new York. A major delima of 21st century how to shelter and abstain the worlds exploding population with destroying the delicate blance or our environment. NASA; national aeronautics and space administration,,,,W.K. Kellogg foundation wkf.org work involves building a more sustainable food system.
Mexico city; ancient gathering place with rich history of Spanish cultures, a 24 hour a day city that never sleeps. 20milon citizens live there. Environmental issues has fundamental problems. They have a closed eco system what scientists would call meaning its surrounded by mountains and no ocean or major river to exchange water and suage. The atmosphere is thick with smog 8 out of 10 days a declared hazooredes to human help. And there are 3500 factory’s poutants into air. Limitations of geography the city struggkes for cleaner future. Mexico city is running out of water. The azcetc founded the city it was doted by lakes a surrounded by destly forest water shed now only a few growth’s of tress remain lakes are gone. Mexico city is in danger of running dry 70 percen of mexico drinking water is pumped from underground reswater. Alomost all of mexico city is sinking, especially much of mexico city center has sunk more than 90 feet. And sinking 1-3 inches a year. The open canuls cutting through the heart of the city carrying billions of gallons of raw sueage spreading fual oders and diases the waste water is pumped over the mountains away from the city that eventually spills into the chulo river beginning to posion everything in path then spills into gulf of