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Amanda Thompson
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15 September 2012
Brain Myth Everyone uses ten percent of their brain. The rest is unused space that could somehow give people paranormal powers or abilities. Craig Kargers said, ''We normally use ten to twenty percent of our minds. Think how different life would be if you could utilize that other eighty to ninty percent known as the subscious mind.''(quote)The myth speculationg that everyone uses only ten percent of their brain is false because of medical research with PET and fMRI scans, the term physco-fact and the manner in which this is percieved represents a scientific impossibility. People who spread this hoax believe it to be true, but the rest of us happily use one hundred percent of the brain. Research on PET scans(positron emission tomography) and fMRI's(functional magnetic resonance imaging) prove that the majority of the brain is infact used. Although, people dont use all of their muscles at the sametime, they also dont use all of their brain at one time. Nonetheless, in an entire day every part of the brain will be used at one point or another.(paraphrase) The myth interprets that approximently ninty percent of the brain is basically unneccessary. If that were true then injuries such as head trauma, concusion, or other brain imparities wouldn't be as severe as they medically are. Although, this myth has been speculated to have been traced back to the early first part of the century. The origin of this legend is unknown. It likely has numerous sources of false…