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The Pick Up

On a stormy march evening uncle Wayne a retired veteran, decides to stop at a local KFC to pick up some of his food for his beautiful wife pocahontas. Who had been diagnosed with cancer a year before. Not being able to hold back his hunger uncle Wayne decides to take a quick bite in. As uncle wayne bites into a warm greasy piece of chicken, a huge rumble comes from outside. “ What was that?!” a women in the back screamed.
“Everyone down to the safe room, now!” screamed the manager.
Everything happened so fast in uncle wayne's eyes, yet he thought of his wife every second of the way. The same question ran through his head every two minutes. “ I wonder if pocahontas is okay?” Over an hour of awkward stares and repeated questions of what was going on, uncle Wayne gives up. “ i have to get to my wife and whatever has happened is surely to be over by now, so

may you please open the door.” uncle Wayne said in a slightly persuasive voice. Of course they all looked around and agreed.
Then as soon as the safe room doors opened everyone ran out and then out to the chicago streets where numerous amounts of people were running in all different directions. “someone please help!” asked by a critically injured stranger laying on the littered ground. But no one helped. Then on uncle Wayne notices how critical this was , it was a tornado. Looking for the easiest route home Uncle Wayne decides the navy pier was completely empty which was a for sure the first. As uncle Wayne is running through this once everything pier he notices how much of his home ­chicago was destroyed. Coming to a complete stop in front of a colossal pile of debris. Uncle Wayne drops to the never ending like ground with tear filled eyes. “I'm to late.” he whispers to himself. His house had turned into a pile of nothing, everything had looked as if it had been picked up right off the ground and thrown back down several of times. Suddenly a quiet tone from in back of uncle wayne says “hone..y.” uncle wayne hops up in a blink of an eye, throwing what was left of his house all around in hope of seeing a familiar face, pocahontas. There she was, laying in

destroyed pieces of memories. “ im not…