Urban Sprawl And Natural Interaction

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Urban Sprawl and Natural Interaction
(Field Report)
Christina Louiné
Life in Biological Environment
BSC 1005

Purpose To discover the differences between the biological life forms in two environments and why they are different.
The first place I visited was a treed area behind my apartment complex. The grass is short and patched like a quilt of brown and yellowing green. Two trees oppose each other with eight feet of ground separating their standoff. Their roots are twisted and they stand tall and uncrowded by the two story building they the block with. Their branches are thick with leaves beginning to carpet the ground below. Slipping over, and under, the fence caging them in are ducks and wild cats. The ducks quietly pace away while the cats move in stop motion, eyes peeled. Some are pregnant, others patched and scarred. They are wary of each other.

The second place I visited was an abandoned garden. Angel statues stand as markers between shrubs and overgrown pathways. Weeds push their way through overcome flower beds and cement tile pathways. A dirty stone table and bench give shade to an anthill. The trees that shade the area are teeming with squirrels and small birds that flit between each other, both seemingly irritating each other as they interact in quick spurts and then completely ignoring each other in favor or hitting the ground or claiming another tree for activity. Light makes its way heavily to the middle of the area but seems to ignore the edges. The area itself is rather small. A quick fifteen steps to each side if the explorer is of average size. A few unidentified winged insects, not limited to but including something that seems like something between a mosquito and a fly.

Area 1
Trees, dying grass
Ducks, cats, ants
Area 2
Trees, shrubs, weeds
Squirrels, small birds, flying insects
The area was rather overgrown with it

Results There were a few patterns between the two places I saw. The scarcity of vivacious plant life in shady places. There was the presence of insects but truly visible in a way that passerby would take notice of. The animals moved quickly, either ignoring each other or interacting violently.

I think that is makes sense that these areas weren’t bursting with flora because they