Url Redirection and Design w / Dreamweaver Launching Essay

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Best practices for launching a website.

VTC/340 Web Design w/DreamWeaver

Launching a website can be tricky if you do not have a plan to follow. To avoid

issues you need a well defined plan for each stage of the process.

URL Redirection is used when you change the URL structure of the website,

and you need to make proper direction a top priority. There are several redirection

types possible, make sure to use a permanent 301 redirect.

Run a sight crawler like Xenu Link Sleuth, its free and runs in all versions of

windows. It will rawl around your site and give you a report at the end. It will give

you data such as; Status code of all pages, type of page crawled, all external links,

Title tag and meta description.

Check your site fore Dummy Content. The is always a chance you left some

on your site. This gives the users as poor experience and can make you look

unprofessional. Manually check your pages or use a Dummy Text Checker like

Lorem Ispum Scanner.

XML Sitemap should be placed in the root of the website and then submit the

link to Google Webmaster Tools, etc.

Use something like Google PageSpeed Insight tool to Test and Optimize Your

Site Speed. This tool will show you the issues and by resolving these issues your

sites loading speed can be decreased. Load speed is a factor that not only effects

users, but is also a factor for ranking on Google.

Ensure tracking that codes are working.