Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection

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Trista Smith
Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection

My Ethical Lens Inventory told me that my personal preferred lens is the rights-responsibility and results lens. I balance reasoning skills with my intuition to determine how to fulfill my duties while achieving the greatest good for each individual. This is all shown through my line of work. As a direct care giver you have to do what is best for the client. My core values are autonomy and rationality/sensibility meaning my primary concern is protecting the individual rights. I was quite surprised to find that my classical values were temperance and prudence, to me prudence, I don’t find myself to be cautious or judgmental. All in all my personal preferred lens described me very well. I feel that a lot of the points made matched my personality and beliefs.
My Ethical Lens directs my academic behavior by making me more in tune with my education. It helps me make sure that I do what needs to be done and I do it with the best interest of everyone involved. It stated that my gift is self-knowledge and free will. Because I strongly value autonomy, I am also fiercely self-reliant and accountable. I do take responsibility for everything I do and when I am unable to fulfill what needs to be done I tend to be hard on myself for the results.
Critical thinking is very important in my profession. My Ethical Lens greatly influences my critical thinking. My key phrase is “I make responsible choices that are good for everyone.” While I am critically thinking about a situation or problem, I am thinking about the best interest of everyone in the situation. In my profession I have to do a lot of critical thinking on the spot. I have to be able to redirect an upset or irate client with their best interest in thought. I have to use their personal achievements and goals to make them think about how they are acting or what they are doing.
My reasoning aptitude stated that I am a focused individual, my competencies are adhering to values, cooperating, following instructions, organizing, delivering results, and persuading. By being a