Us And Arab Relations Case Study

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The U.S. and Arab relations has continuously been changing leading to the current day relation. However, our relationship has not always been bad. In the Pre World War II period the Arabs and the U.S. were connected economically and politically. Since the Arabs contained a majority of the world’s oil it was very important for the United States to have good relations to reap benefits from their oil. Unlike the other superpowers America was not trying to imperialize the Middle East, so the Arab community was happy to allow the United States oil exploration and drilling rights. Their oil fueled helped fuel most of our industrial power. The Arabs looked at us as good people and opened arms to our political and economic goals. However, this growing relationship did not last in the Post World War II period. Along with the redesigning of the Arab world into nation states, the United States had new motivations …show more content…
They wanted their independence from the West, which was made evident by the Pan-Arabism and the League of Arab states. This nationalism magnified the Arab-Israeli conflict and contributed to why it became such a serious matter. The U.S. supported the creation of Israel, a state for the Jewish people. Throughout the next few decades several wars and sources of hostility broke out. Although the United States tried to avoid fighting the Arabs on the issue they did back up Israel whenever conflicts arose. Lastly, the Cold War had begun after World War II influencing the United States foreign policy into one that tried to prevent communism at all costs, evident by the Truman and Eisenhower Doctrines. In the era following World War II the United States lack of support for the Arab world during the Palestine-Israel conflict and the U.S. distrust of the Soviets led to the deterioration of relations with the