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Andrew Barger
US-China Relationship
The country of China is retooling for a massive economic growth. They are going about these actions by making new economic partnerships with various countries around the world. This is immensely different behavior from China, since previously they did not want to have these types of relationships. The most prominent of these relationships is with the USA. The building of this this relationship will come with several obstacles, countless opportunities, but most importantly I believe it will be abundant for both countries involved.
To begin, the United States relationship with the Chinese has come very far, but there are still various obstacles to overcome. Following a meeting between President Obama and President Xi, great progress has been made between the two countries. However, with only two years left and a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, the Chinese government views him as a “lame duck.” There is also the presence of an over-whelming amount of duet the US owe to China, however it is thought that the United States have the intention not to pay the duet back. It is also difficult because these are uncharted waters for the Chinese, who have been very closed off and exclusive when it comes to trade and partnerships.
Secondly, the US-China relationship will open the door to various opportunities. The most impactful of opportunities in this relationship would be an influx of jobs in areas all across America. In the text it states, “Perhaps the most immediate opportunity-and one that would give an enormous boost to the relationship-would be an early conclusion of the Bilateral