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Assignment 5.04 My name is Michael and I lived in Berlin, Germany with my mother and father until Hitler’s propaganda for anti-Semitism rose with military power throughout Europe. Two months before German soldiers forced us into ghettos, I was living a normal life as a boy in middle school. In the beginning of school, there was a new rule that all Jews must sit in the back of the classroom then the segregation and anger towards Jewish people escalated. Jews were no longer allowed to ride the bus to school, eat in the cafeteria and whenever a Jew was spotted, they would be beaten up by angry Germans. People who thought Jewish people as immoral and dishonest people truly believed that Jews were the cause for Germany’s defeat in World War I. To help Germany’s psychological and economic effects of their defeat, many accepted Hitler’s propaganda that the Jews had “stabbed Germany in the back.” He viewed Germans as the “Aryan” race, “the highest species of humanity on earth” in his best seller, Mein Kampf, and soon ruled the country as a fascist police state to call for Jewish removal from Germany. Once Hitler gained power, he banned the Jewish people from government service and ordered Germans to boycott Jewish-owned businesses. We were driven from professions such as law, medicine and the arts, forbidden from relations between Jews and other Germans and stripped of our German citizenship. We thought if we respect these laws we would be protect from harm, but the situation only worsened. On November 9, 1938, there was a planned night of violence called Kristallnacht in which mobs destroyed 7,000 Jewish-owned businesses, homes, schools, hospitals and burned more than one thousand synagogues. My family’s book store was burned to the ground then my friends and family was arrested. We were sent to camps and my family was sent to Dachau concentration camp. German soldiers forced thousands of people to stripped naked and split families away from each other. I lost my mother and father in the sea of screams and panicked people. Everyone had to work with barely any food to eat and sleep in overcrowded wooden bunkers or those refuses were shot or tortured to death. People got sick easily and I’m so skinny my ribs poke out of my skin. I was forbidden go to school or public places. I’ve heard