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Assignment 2
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Chapter 1 Questions: 1. The migration of the Asian peoples into North America was started by a land bridge connecting the continents. Asia and North America were once joined by a subcontinent called Beringia, which allowed migration from Asia to North America. This landmass eventually froz e over during the ice age, and is no longer there. 2. Evidence to support the hypothesis is the warming climate in that area at the end of the ice age. 3. Farming radically changed social life for the Indians. A foraging society might require 100 square miles to support 100 people, but a farming society required one square mile. Population growth and the need for people to remain near their fields throughout the year led to the appearance of villages and permanent architecture. 4. In the Southwest the climate was hotter, and not much raining occurred. In the South the climate was more average, and moist. In the Northeast it was colder than the others. A similarity between the three is that they all farmed. Also, people live in communities in all three of the regions. 5. Growing populations demanded increasingly large surpluses of food, and this need often led to social conflict. Farming societies were considerably more complex than foraging bands, but they were also less stable and required management which is why political activity was needed. 6. They were shown by seasonal public ceremonies in the village squares that included singing, dancing, colorful impersonations of ancestral spirits called kachinas and comic antics of clowns making fun of people. 7. Violence helped the construction of the Iroquois confederacy. During the nineteenth century this period was known for violence of the Iroquois people, and the confederacy was created to control this violence among the tribe. 8. It meant that he connected the two far apart worlds together and established contact.

Chapter 2 Questions: 1. The nature