US History: Imperlialism and WW1 Essay

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Imperialism- showing power by creating an empire by conquering based on an idea of superiority and dominance.
The Spanish-American War marked the emergence of America into the worldwide expansion and imperialism by the advanced powers. The Spanish-American War was fought because the U.S wanted Cuba to be independent from Spain. America declared war on Spain when a submarine in Havana Harbor in Cuba exploded causing a U.S battleship (the Maine) to sink and hundreds died. The war was short and ended when American ships destroyed the Spanish in Santiago, Cuba, forcing them to surrender.
The Treaty of Paris of 1898 was written after the war and it freed Cuba and gave Puerto Rico and Guam to the U.S. The U.S also bought the Philippines for $20 million.
The Philippine-American War occurred because the U.S wanted to show their dominance and did not want their money to go to waste, so they decided to invade the Philippines by military means.
The Monroe doctrine initially said that the Europeans could not interfere in Latin America. The Roosevelt Corollary, on the other hand, said that he could use military force to keep the Europeans out.
The Panama Canal was essential to American imperialism because it helped travel easily. The U.S was trying to find easy ways to travel and expand. Having ports in different locations was also important because they needed fueling stations. That’s why they got Hawaii which was a fueling station in the middle of the long journey of the Pacific Ocean.
World War 1
The U.S initially didn’t want to be a part of this war. They did, however, aid countries such as Britain by sending them food and supplies.
They eventually entered the war for many reasons. There were unauthorized German ships on the coast of the U.S and the unrestricted submarine warfare. The Germans sank the Lusitania, which killed 128 American civilians. This was the most important factor that led the U.S to join the war.
The industry boomed during the war because there was a demand for supplies. Since many men went to war, there were plenty of jobs available even for women and African Americans. Some technology was improved because new ways to