Us History Notes, Vietnam and Korea Essay

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After ww2
Harry Truman pres came up with containment
Didn't want to go to war over communism- Truman doctrine/ Marshall plan
President after Dwight d. Eisenhower
Different view point than Truman
Were alike in wanting spread of communism
Truman was a democrat, Eisenhower republican
Democrats- soft on communism, republican- adamant
Eisenhower was an American hero- lead d. Day invasion
Put in charge of NATO
1952 election
Monroe- monroe doctrine, w. hemisphere ours, power over other countries here
Late 1940s- Britain lost control in w. hemisphere
Soviet Union tried to set up govs. In Latin American region that were pro communist
Guatemala, socialistic and communistic govs.
US was able to use one of new tools, formed out of national security act of 1947- CIA
CIA- covert operations, try to undermine regimes that felt threatened, felt against US interest undermined gov.
Height of Cold War
Banana republics-one of key battle grounds of Cold War, use influence and ideas as a test ground to test out covert actions and theories
Americans would look at powers in central region- elites, wouldn't look at good of everyone, elites were fruit companies
Enigma- do pledge of allegiance but support gov.s that are the opposite of what we stood for
Started under Truman to Eisenhower and went through Kennedy, Johnson, all the way to jimmy carter
Huge emphasis on human rights- primary concern keeping from going communist
Eisenhower 1st republican since 1983, retired general- hard on communism
Chose sec. Of state John foster dollas
Wanted to push back communism, take as far as we could w/out going to war
Eisenhower had harsh approach to any chance at communists or potential communists
New look policy- articulated by dollas, aggressive change in American policy
Our reaction to soviet form of communism
New look doctrine said that we would push back communism through massive retaliation and possibly nuclear weapons whenever necessary
Using nuclear weapons to threaten Soviet Union
1200 at beginning, 22000 at end of Eisenhower presidency
Putting so much emphasis on nuclear weapons could cut back on army, but built up Air Force
US got out into brinksmanship- strategy of escalating consequences against other side until one has to back down
Force Soviet Union back down
We knew that Soviet Union would respond with massive retaliation
Eisenhower recognized dangers of nuclear warfare
Making bigger, better bombs
Missiles that would go in and out of atmosphere
Drive by military-industrial complex
Brought to point of mutually assured destruction (MAD)
Eisenhower saw heading down this road, leading to 2 summits to address threat of nuclear weapons- got w/ kruschev
Trying to persuade world that we were right- propaganda
CIA- Allan dollas, brother to sec. Of state
CIA involved in subversive tactics, guerrilla warfare, disinformation or misinformation
CIA - foreign leaders on payroll, subsidizing anti- communist groups
Hire journalists and other
US information agency
Spread US culture
Funding programs like voice of America
Pro capitalism bend
CIA conducted covert operations to overthrow governments
Plausible deniability- concept of creating a story or connection that makes a believable alibi
Commission of illegal or embarrassing acts occur

During Korean War + Columbia
Canada very cautious in getting involved- Louis st. Laurent very careful
Wanted to support United Nations
Offered token force of 3 light cruisers + Air Force transports
After Chinese got involved, Canadians did a little bit more
Decided not to only defeat n. Koreans- also attack into China
Way beyond mandate and scope of what UN wanted
Chinese got involved in war- Canada sent in 27,000 troops, 3rd largest
Over 500 killed and 1500 wounded
Columbia also sent troops, sent 6200
Involved in pork chop hill in July 1953
Columbia also sent 6 warships to help w/ amphibious landings
Lone s. American participant in war
Last Colombian