Essay on US History Unit 1 Exam Study Guide

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US History Unit 1 Exam Study Guide
Colonial America
1. Colonist came from England to free themselves from religious persecution.
2. The Virginia House of Burgesses marked the beginning of a Representative Democracy, in what is now the United States.
3. The Mayflower Compact was the first example of self-government. Pilgrims needed to govern themselves if they were going to survive in the new colony they were about to form.
4. The French and Indian War was when the British and American colonist fought against the French in the Ohio River Valley and Native American tribes allied variously with both sides. The conflict in the colonies began as settlers moved farther into the Ohio Valley, and met with opposition from the resident French trappers and Indians. Britain sent support to the colonies, but the colonial militias did most of the fighting.
5. Results of the French and Indian Revolution:
a. America becomes independent
b. Britain loses the colonies of America
c. Britain loses influence
d. America needs a government
6. The proclamation of 1763 prohibited American settlers from moving west of the Mississippi. King George III created it so that the newly acquired land from the French and Indian war could be organized and to prevent outbreaks of violence with the Native American’s living there. However the colonists were very resentful of this act because they were just in a war to acquire it and now they cannot settle there. Many did not care or understand the need