US Involvement In The Mexican Drug War Essay

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US Involvement in the Mexican Drug War
Should the United States get involve in Mexico’s war against Drugs? There has been a lot of debate of whether or not the US should get involve in Mexico’s Drug War. With a bad history of outside wars with the US people are split of whether or not the US should get involved. I will be examining the problem, the impact and the solutions of the Mexican Drug War.
Over the last several years it seems that it has gotten out of hand, with death counts over 90,000. It started almost 7 years ago when Operation Michoacán commenced and it hasn’t stopped since. This is a problem because it seems that the Mexican government can’t handle it with a corrupt police force and sometimes even corrupt soldiers and it may need an outside force to help it. With the US having a history in Getting involved in other countries affairs, which in most if not all have been not popular choices over the US citizens, Should the US get involve? I know that if the US gets involved more people are going to die and it’s not going to be supported by the US citizens. Even though I am a proud Mexican and I love my country and I would like to see it without all that violence, it is never going to end. Because they are always going to find someone else to take over and the US involvement is not going to find someone else to take over and the US involvement is not going to finish all of this. In fact, I dare to say that not even if all the nations get involved to fight Mexican drug cartels, they will not be successful.
Secondly, Despite Mexico’s strengthening democracy and booming economy the country’s security crisis rages on. 50,000 people have been killed in the past five years due to drug and organized crime-related violence. It has changed the national conversation in Mexico and it has changed the way Mexicans think of their country. While the country has enjoyed steady economic growth in recent years, economic inequality has left millions of Mexicans on the margin. Those who are left on the margin are the types of people who the drug cartels or gangs look to and often recruit. Meanwhile, Mexico’s weak security and justice institutions, prone to efficiency and corruption that have been unable to deal with the kind of level of violence. Mexico is unlikely to become a failed-state, it’s a drug war has had destabilizing impact on the region. Yet the international community has done very little to address Mexico’s security crisis. Mexican Drug War violence has also affected children in Mexico. Mexico’s bullying rate has increased over the years. Many experts say it’s due to the increased violence of the drug war. It’s not just that it has changed, with children’s games and bullying increasingly mimicking and glorifying organized crime.
Although the US cannot help Mexico by sending troops and weaponry to aid the Mexican army, the United States can actually help Mexico