Essay on Usa and Cuba Embargo

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* The US embargo is the only power the US has over the Castro dictatorship. According to the 1996 Helms-Burton Act the United States is morally obligated to encourage and support human rights. It would be morally incorrect to give the Cuban government what they want and remove the embargo.

* If the embargo was lifted the living standards in Cuba would not increase, on the other hand the government would put all the money in its pocket because it’s a communist country. * As Jeff Jacoby has stated in column titled "Lift Embargo on Cuba? Not So Fast,"

“Rewarding the dictators who keep Cuba in chains is not the way to set Cubans free."

* Because of Castor’s old age, new leader will be emerging soon. The embargo will be a necessary bargaining chip when a new leader takes power.

* There are many countries who are big trading partners of Cuba, those that challenge the dictatorship have their trade and industry interest on the island instantly threatened. By having no trades with Cuba, the United stated has zero investments on the island, which means they can sustain a solid position promoting human rights and democracy for Cuban people.

* In the past the Cuban government hasn’t reacted in a positive way towards small restrictions being lifted. President Obama simplified the United States travel policy in 2009 to permit unlimited travel to Cuba to visit family members. In the same year, the Cuban government arrested and American aid worker and sentenced him to 15 years