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Usa Military Power

I believe that American social power is the most important power. I believe this because American tv shows, music, clothes, and movies are shown all over the world and they display America as the place of opportunity and the land of freedom where if you work hard there is nothing you can not do. So if every where in the world sees America in this way it grows a pro America sentiment in the population. If people love America all aspects of their power grow because if they love America they will love American products, they will go along more with American military plans and countries will have better relations with America. That is way I believe American social power is the most important.

The article I chose is about how America’s army will be transitioning in this decade. The author says that their American army will be working with a lesser budget, focusing on stopping the breakout of regional conflicts, counterterrorism and improving its readiness. To ensure that they are able to do that they are going to lower the active duty force so that means their will be less Americans fighting overseas which could be dangerous for those who don’t get sent back home.

Based on the article I have read the American military power is decreasing because they are cutting down on the size of their military and are giving the military a smaller budget. It looks like the Americans are trying to put less effort into their