Essay about USA nurses vs korea nurses

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Summary of Nursing Education Systems in Korea, China and the United States of America and it s Future Directions

Within the past twenty years, the development of college and university based education has progressed rapidly in Korea, China and in the U.S. While barriers to higher education for nurses continually arose throughout the history. In all three countries, the giant steps have been taken both forward and backward but the overall result is one of tremendous progress in the development of nursing both as a discipline and a profession. The nursing education systems in Korea, China and the United States have several similarities and differences. One major similarity can be seen in the fact that all three countries have a hierarchy in their nursing education systems. Examples are 1) Certificate Program (Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)/Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Program) 2) Associate degree Program (ADN) 3) Diploma Program and 4) Baccalaureate Degree Program (BSN). Some of the problems the nursing educations in Korea, China and in the U.S. faces at this time are of their own making. Some are the results of political and social factors. Some are related to preserving multiple levels of education without differentiation of practice. But rather than looking back the history and being discouraged from the mistakes the nursing system needs to learn from the successes and failures from each other. The specific aims of nursing can be different for each