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USA Patriot
Law enforcement raises a lot of questions to us civilians right? There are a lot answers that we all look for from the news, media, and the law enforcement themselves. We all know that we aren’t given all the information unfortunately because as much as I would like to know about this information, others out there are craving to hear the latest news. This is where our agencies come in to provide as much information as possible. There is a similar relationship between federal, state, local law enforcement agencies and the USA PATROIT Act. In this paper I will talk about the relationship, analyze and describe each and every one of them. These agencies play a big part in our law enforcement considering they make up most of it and everything goes through them regardless of what the case is. Iwill also talk about two of the groups that worked together in an investigation. I will identify the events in the investigation aspects on the USA PATRIOT Act and the organizational theory. At the end of the paper it will cover everything that I listed.

The Federal law enforcement agencies are very small but more complex than generally comprised. There is an estimate that there are about
105,000 full-time federal law enforcement employees. They are authorized to carry a fire arm and make arrest. The federals have a less role than any other agency. The Federals do not answer to any type of
911 call, also which they are not ordered to do. State agencies fall into three category’s state police, state investigation agencies and highway patrol. State police has power of both traffic and criminal, highway patrol has statewide authority to enforce traffic regulations and arrest non traffic violators in the jurisdiction. This two have a lot in common and share a lot of responsibilities and others have limited power. About have of the state agencies they are able to do crime lab services. Local agencies are basically the fighter fighters and other medical emergency service.

One of the biggest law enforcement operations where local, state, and federal are involved is when a law enforcement officer is tempered with in anyway. That would include murder, bribery, or any instance in when the officer is uncomfortable while on duty. First the local division has to take initiative and contact the state agency to see what necessary steps should be taken next. The best thing possible for the officer at that point would be some kind of protection to where they are not harmed in any way possible. The way of saying that is “protect your investment”. If state or local protection doesn’t help then federal enforcement can get into it and enhance that part to where the officer can feel safe with their family. This process is also very similar to witness protection, though there are some different steps taken place.
Witness protection involves more of taking the witness in and making sure they have a safe environment to live in, food provided, all bills paid for, and basically making sure that they don’t have to leave their house.

A lot could be connected to this scenario when it comes to talking about the USA Patriot Act. If we’re talking about a police officer being endangered or bribed it could have a lot to do with terrorist not on the officer’s part but maybe he is being threatened by terrorists in his area. His family could possibly be in danger and that can cause anybody to react. This is where federal law enforcement has to come in and take charge in making sure that the officer is protected to the full extent or if his family is in some kind of danger and he needs them to be protected it needs to happen