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USAA Systems
Business Information Systems BIS/320
May 12, 2014
Denis Booker

Operating and Applications systems can be used in multiple ways to help a business accomplish strategic goals. At United Services Automobile Association (USAA), the key usage of the operating system is to read and write information and store data. The main programs used are Microsoft Windows 7. Applications include Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point. This is not surprising as it is said that 95 percent of business use windows of some kind. Within Windows, a user will see applications such as Microsoft (MI) Office, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access and MS Power point. These featured programs allow the user to create professional documents. Additionally, Word can help users create professional documentation to help facilitate business decisions (i.e. disclosure letters, and banking contracts). Excel is used to help the business make analytical solutions and prototypes such as executive dashboards while MS PowerPoint can be used to present graphical interpretations of the data analyzed in MS Excel. USAA also uses a Vertical- Market application it serves a need of a specific industry (Kroenke, D. (2012 pg.83). The one that is used by USAA is Statistical Analysis Systems (SAS) and SAP Business Objects. USAA uses both programs to query the database to help identify leading indicators that explain performance results. Often, USAA determines that it would be smarter to create one of kind applications vs, purchasing vendor software. A good example is a program called “Portal.” This application enables employees to quickly analyze customer information, launch applications, and coaches the employee when cross selling products. All of these applications and programs help USAA better serve their customers and give feedback of what they need. This paper will in depth information about application and software usage, computer hardware and functionality needed to conduct business at USAA. As an added bonus this paper provides a tangible example of how a document is created using an MS Application and describes horizontally, vertical, and one of kind software in detail. Without Microsoft (MS) Windows 7 serving as the main operating system at United Service Automobile Association (USAA) computers, hardware and software applications would be useless. An operating system is the “brain” of a computer that enables hardware and software applications to be used (i.e. keyboard, mouse, MS Word). Also, employees regularly multi-task while using multiple software applications at once. As a language interpreter, the operating system is needed to communicate needs from the application to the user. Additionally, it enables flexibility, and allows timely performance that helps the business quickly meet its operational goals. In order to be competitive in the banking and insurance industry, company’s must find ways to effectively market customers. USAA has several marketing channels to target customers which include e-mail, social media, digital media and the phone channel. The company measures the effectiveness of a marketing channel by analyzing customer response, and product acquisition data. When the data feeds into the main data base, analyst is tasked with analyzing thousands of marketing campaigns so they can determine how to best optimize their marketing budgets and increase return on investment. In addition to measuring acquired products, and responses they will need to analyze dimensions such as customer demographics, age bands, tenure and much more. Because this is considered “big data,” the most efficient software application used to analyze results is Statistical Application System (SAS). This tool allows users to access close to real time data directly from the main data base using SQL code. This enables the business to make strategic decisions to ensure the company is meeting product goals. For example, if a marketing