Doping Products For Athletes

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Usage of doping products for athlete: should the sports association start regulating drugs and performance enhancer?

One of the most competitive environments in our world would probably be the one athletes live in. Pushed by their teams, sponsors and fans; they always have to go beyond their limit. In discussions about sports performance, one controversial issue has been over the usage of doping products and other performance enhancers. With L. Armstrong in the eye of the storm, the media continuously highlights this debate. On the one hand, doctors argue the effects on athlete’s health of such products and their consequence on the long run. On the other hand, athletes may argue that what they put in their system is their own business it should only be their problem. Others even maintain that the human body reaches its limits at some point and the use of these products can help humankind achieve greatness. My own view is their acceptance as changed sports and athlete’s performance but still remain a taboo. Sport authorities should define clear rules and alert public on their usage.

- These substances are used widely through professional athletes; younger might be tempted by using them. Unfortunately most of them aren’t followed as often as they should be by a medical team therefore they can harm their health.
- Most of these chemicals are entirely human made, they can’t be found in nature, this goes in the opposite of the idea of sport: natural and noble activity.
- Health specialists don’t have enough knowledge to know the side effects of