Use Of Deadly Force Essay

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The Use of Deadly Force Law enforcement is, in its nature, a dangerous job in which officers can find themselves, or those around them, in life-threatening situations. The use of deadly force is by far a serious decision that a police officer has to make. Though there are some that have completed their entire career without having to making that decision. However for those who have been faced with the decision, they have been guided by the policy set by their department and the U.S. Supreme Court case, Tennessee v. Garner (Hontz). It was this case that stated that officers are justified in the use of deadly force to prevent death or serious bodily injury to themselves or a third person. Nevertheless, because these situations can happen within a blink of an eye, the decision is subjective by the officer. Note, that it is very rare that the use of deadly force by the police is met with approval of all members of a community. …show more content…
After a police officer shoots an alleged suspect, there usually follows a second guessing and questions of the actions by the police officer. Usually, there’s an investigation that follows and officer will be investigated by his department. And then, what follows, is the officer being judged not only by press but the members of the community. Often, these judgments are malicious and based on issues rather than facts. The judgments that can be made by the public and even the press of police use of deadly force are based on misconception and misinformation. However, to parallel this with current events, it is not seen this way, for example in Ferguson. Rallies, protests, militant police officers, are what have spurred from the use of deadly force. Though malicious judgments and ridiculed are being displayed, it becomes a question of whether, in this case, are the comments based on both issues, race, and facts, if deadly force here was even