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Throughout history, Adolf Hitler has often been compared to the likes to Stalin, Mussolini, and Saddam Hussein. May historians compare and contrast these men and their reigns, but there is one vital difference between Hitler and his fellow dictators. Hitler derived his power from the unconditional support, admiration, and love of the German people. To most of history’s other dictators, popularity came second behind power and control. It was Germany’s infinite support that fueled Hitler’s rise to power, and ultimately, their defeat in the Second World War.
All of this is common knowledge, but what some people cannot understand is why the German people elected Hitler in the first place. Why did they go to war for him? The answer lies in Hitler’s charisma and incredible public speaking skills. He moved his listeners deeply with his determined speeches and rawness of emotion. In their time of desperation, the German people were quickly drawn towards Adolf Hitler and his fatal attraction.
As the Nazi socialist leader, Hitler already carried a great deal of power. When he turned his talents to politics, the people were quick to rally behind him. However, what truly won the support of the Germans were Hitler’s natural actor’s ability and public speaking skills. Hitler used numerous tricks and vocal techniques to put his audience in the right mood. After a long moment of suspension, he would then launch into his speech, growing ever more passionate as he continued. By the end, Hitler could have every listener in the room wrapped around his finger. The German people could not help but be engrossed in every word he said.
Equally as important as Hitler’s actor’s ability was his political genius. Hitler manipulated the German’s national pride and individualism. He promised the German people the rise of a “New Germany,” and promised it would be achieved not through outside help, but their own effort. He promised he would create peace despite secretly planning a war. This fatal deception, along with Hitler’s masterful speaking skills, instilled a remarkable hope within the German people. The citizens began to see Hitler in a new light. They truly believed that “only he could save Germany,” and that Hitler was “sent by Providence. A supernatural being, between Man and God.”