Using Bookmarks To Track Where You Have Been

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Research Paper Lab Name:___Jada G.__________

As you work through the tutorial, answer questions in space below. Be sure you can view my comments that will help you identify where you need to provide responses.

In this lab, you will learn several important hands on skills necessary to conducting your online research and writing your paper.

Skill 1: Using Bookmarks to Track Where You Have Been

If you have a gmail account (and you should consider creating one if you do not have one), you can create bookmarks in Chrome and then access them from any computer by signing into your Google Account first and going to It’s absolutely essential that you be able to do this. If you are not going to use google, then research another tool that lets you access bookmarks from any computer. One possible tool is

Write down how to bookmark a page in Chrome. In case you do not see the bookmark toolbar, you can turn it on by clicking this symbol in the upper right: Once you do this, it’s easy to see how to create a bookmark. To make your research easier, be sure to include a short description of each source when you create the bookmark. Use space below to write directions for creating bookmarks in your browser.

You can bookmark a page by hitting the “Ctrl” key and the “D” key simultaneously. Also, you can bookmark a page by hitting the menu button and highlighting the “bookmarks” option.

After creating a few bookmarks for good sources for your paper, log off of your computer and switch places with another student to make sure you can access your bookmarks from any computer. If you are taking an online class, try using a different device to see if you can access your bookmarks. Can you access bookmarks from another computer? _____

Skill 2: Evaluating the quality of your sources

Review the following tutorials:

After reviewing them, take Quiz 8 on evaluating sources in the PGCC library tutorial (second one above). When you get all the answers right, insert a screen clipping here:

Thank you for taking the test. Here is your evaluation.
Return to the Library Tutorial.
Your score: 100% (5 points out of 5)

To summarize your learning, list 5 criteria to use in deciding whether a web source is high quality.

Accuracy, Authority, Currency, Coverage, Objectivity

Evaluate your initial 9 sources for your 3 careers. Use the space below to report whether any of your sources are not high quality and how you determined that (what criterion did they fail to meet?)

(all criteria met)

Find other better sources so that you have 9 high quality sources. Be sure to bookmark them as you go. You might use the site: feature of google to help here. The following is an excellent source to consult in order to make your searches better:

Try a few of the strategies for