Using Pathos For Persuasion In The Film 'Tomgirl'

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Savannah Sanders
Writ 101 Section 18
5 October 2016
Using Pathos for Persuasion in Understanding
Girls dress up in pink and paint their nails while boys play sports and read comic books, right? Jeremy Lynch’s independent film, “Tomgirl,” closes in on what takes place when these two stereotypes are challenged. This short documentary explores the life of Jake, a charming and courageous gender non-conforming child who takes pride in who he is with support from his loving parents. While today’s society plays a huge part in defining gender roles, Jeremy Lynch encourages his viewers that gender nonconformity is possible when children have the freedom to openly express and identify themselves without gender boundaries. Lynch successfully communicates
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First, the makers of the documentary can have a large impact on the audience because gender fluidity is becoming more and more of a widespread subject in today’s society. So as the producers capture the life of Jake, the audience can become acquainted with the realities of the gender fluid lifestyle. Throughout the documentary, Jake’s family and friends describe his character and style; Jake also says a few words about himself. Jake speaks about kids bullying him and not believing in him for having long hair. In his eyes, having long hair is part of being unique and simply having fun. He says to the camera, “Teach them a lesson and say you’re just being yourself.” By saying this, Jake shows great honesty about his situation and struggles. This authenticity allows the audience to feel compelled to empathetically believe what he says. This also demonstrates the realness of the gender conformity matter. By showing that this lifestyle is prevalent and impacts lives everyday, the producers can create a stronger testimony for the film and take advantage of the audience’s …show more content…
Without gender boundaries, Jake can show sincerity about his thoughts and fully acknowledge his identity. With support from friends and family, Jake has the capability to overlook bullying and accept himself for the way he is. The editing of this film promotes Jake’s happiness. The audio and visual elements work to further promote Jake’s healthy and unique lifestyle. Lynch successfully informs the audience that a life of gender nonconformity is possible with encouragement from others. The audience should then recognize that society is the main source of placing strict gender roles in kid’s minds. With a positive support system, gender fluid children should live a thriving life. Jake’s parents exemplify that raising a child with love, patience, and understanding allows children to embrace their true identity. In the end, this documentary influences the audience to understand that gender fluid children can flourish and defy society’s labels when raised with the freedom and support to do so.
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