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According to Oscar Wilde “Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.” This is expressed in the portrayal of the protagonist Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre is a classic love story written by Charlotte Bronte. The novel is based around Jane Eyre, and her journey through life, from a burdensome orphan child living with her loathsome aunt, to a grown sophisticated lady. Although Jane has matured as a character and tries to create a better life for herself, she still endures misfortunes. The story is based around Jane’s experience at Thornfield as a governess. Thornfield is a large house, with a mysterious and grim atmosphere. Many unexplained and unpleasant events occur during her stay, such as ghostly laughs and dangerous fires. Gothic elements incorporated into the story allow the reader to experience and feel Jane’s hardships. Charlotte Bronte uses setting, imagery and symbols, to express the discontentment in Jane’s life. The setting of the passage produces an eerie and mysterious environment for Jane creating feelings of gloom. It takes place during the dead of night in Jane’s quarters at Thornfield. The name, Thornfield, represents the characteristics of the residence. A thorn is something sharp or stiff, or figuratively, a source of discomfort, and a field describes an open space. Thus the name Thornfield can portray a large dwelling that brings feelings of distress and ache. Thornfield is a gothic element to the story, as it is an old desolate mansion. Few individuals reside at Thornfield making it appear abandoned. Thornfield being a new home to Jane, she is still not fully familiar of her accommodations. “I tried again to sleep; but my heart beat anxiously: my inward tranquility was broken.” (Bronte, chapter XV) Jane is unable to feel at peace in her new home. This is shown by her lost of tranquility. There are mysterious staircases and chambers that she is unaware of “I started wide awake on hearing a vague murmur, peculiar and lugubrious, which sounded, I thought just above me.” (Bronte, chapter XV) The gothic component of Thornfield creates peculiar and unpleasant feelings. The story, taking place during the night, paints an image of complete darkness and uncertainty of Jane’s surroundings. There are dark secrets that need to be brought into light, such as the shady realization that a mysterious woman resides right above her. This setting also reflects the despair Jane encountered as a child. During her time at Gateshead, she faced similar emotions when she was sent to the red room for punishment, “ my heart beat thick, my head grew hot; a sound filled my ears, which I deemed the rushing of wings; something seemed near me; I was oppressed,