Importance Of Teaching And Learning Resources

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The Oxford dictionary online defines the word resource as, “A stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively”. If we apply this definition to teaching and learning resources, it can be argued that resources are central to the learning process and an absolute necessity for the teacher in planning and delivering effective sessions and the leaner in achieving their learning targets.
The aim of this paper is to critically analyse the use of teaching and learning resources within my role as a Lecturer and Facilitator in the Lifelong Learning Sector and review the benefits and limitations of different resources in the delivery of inclusive
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The benefits of this resource especially in my specialist subject are numerous. They provide all the familiar features of a traditional classroom blackboard or white board, but beyond that they can potentially enhance the interaction between student and subject matter and improve the learning process.
With this resource I am able to take a group of students through, for example, the steps to setting up a new email address. The students are able to see the subject that they are engaging with, in real time, and follow step by step instructions whilst working on their own machines; essentially, learning by doing. This has replaced previously inefficient scenarios such as: large groups of students crowding around a single computer, students trying to complete tasks using written or printed handouts, and the teacher being required to give individual instructions over the shoulder to each student.
With good preparation a teacher can improve a lesson by integrating, videos, animations, web pages, graphics, texts and audio files and games into any session making it more interactive which is likely to lead to improved student participation. The Interactive Whiteboard makes it far easier for teachers to prepare materials via media resources such as Google images, YouTube, PowerPoint that reflect and celebrate the different cultures and backgrounds of the learners as well as satisfying a range