A Case Study Of Working At The Same Estate Agency

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Presenting Issue and Background
Mr X is a 45 year old man who has worked at the same Estate Agency for 18 years. He has presented to me with the issue that he would like to apply for the manager’s position at his branch but his lack of confidence is holding him back. Mr X has stood in for the current manager on many occasions so he knows that he is capable of doing the job but has reservations as he doesn’t want to cause any upset amongst the other staff or management if he is not successful.
Further discussion with Mr X revealed that one of the reasons he would like the job as manager is so that his mother would be proud of him and show him a little more respect. She is currently living in a home and he visits her regularly every
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I feel it is almost as if Mr X needs to ‘grow up’ and take responsibility for his own life and happiness instead of always searching for the approval of his mother. He is 45 years old and he should realise that he needs to be his own person now. He needs to learn to be firm with his mother but that it doesn’t mean he won’t still be treating her with kindness and respect.
The fact that he has now asked for help suggests he is somewhat aware of these issues and maybe even accepts that he needs to address them, especially if he is going to change his future both in his career and in his personal life. For the purposes of this study I will assume he is the one wanting the help and it isn’t his girlfriend or mother pushing him to move forward in his life and improve his career prospects.
Mr X needs to learn to look at things differently and to react to them in a positive way. He needs to stop assuming people will always be looking for the negative in him and try to promote the positives. To do this we need to use Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP.
NLP is the use of certain techniques to promote successful and positive behaviour. By suggesting and promoting a specific way of thinking you can change a person’s self-perception and help them to change the way they behave, act and react in certain situations.
Some of the