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U.S Government and Politics

Interest Groups, is an organized group of individuals that seek to influence public policy. Which are also known as lobbies.

Facts: Paul Schafer escaped Germany for sexually abusing charges against two boys. He Fled to Chile to later be charged with twenty-six charges of sex molestation. Schafer was caught in Argentina. Schafer used his powerful connections to influence the people in the colony. All of which allow him to become the monster he was.

Villa Baviera, Chile is the officially geographic site of the Colonia Dignidad. Colonia Dignidad is a colony of emigrated Germany’s and Chilean’s that isolated themselves from the rest of the community’s in Chile. The area that surrounded the colony was secured with barbed wired fences and searchlights watchtowers and many other weapons. The people were known to be a harmless group who had strong connection with the Chile government.

The colony was founded in 1961 by a man named Paul Schafer. The colony was made of 198 people both German’s and Chilean people. Over the year the community grew with the adoption of Chilean children that were from impoverished local families. Schafer believed in absolute control he believed that discipline was a spiritually enriching. There were no secrets told in this colony nor was there any talking among two people. No one could leave the colony with out Schafer’s permission. Any one that violated these rules would be punished.

In 1973 the right wing military junta of Augusto Pinochet seized power over Chile. Pinochet created a group called DINA (National Intelligence Directorate) a secret police force that is separate from the rest of Chile law enforcement agency. DINA is only…