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Year of Statehood: Part of the U.S in 1848 became a state in 1896
Capital City: Salt Lake City
Current state population: July 2012 estimate 2,855,287
Largest city and its population: Salt Lake City 183,171….. 1,112 people/square mile. Utah state 27/mi^2
Total square miles: 83,570 sq. mi including water
Number of counties: 28
Highest point of elevation with name: Kings Peak 13,529 ft.
Average annual precipitation: average 13 inches of rainfall/year
Racial composition (percentage of population by races): White persons, percent, 2011 (a) 91.9% Black persons, percent, 2011 (a) 1.3% American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2011 (a) 1.5% Asian persons, percent, 2011 (a) 2.2% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander persons, percent, 2011 (a) 1.0% Persons reporting two or more races, percent, 2011 2.2% Persons of Hispanic or Latino Origin, percent, 2011 (b) 13.2% White persons not Hispanic, percent, 2011 80.1%
Median income: $55,869/year (2011)
Major industry: Mining (copper, gold, silver, molybdenum, zinc, lead, and beryllium. Fossil fuels including coal, petroleum, and natural gas)
U.S. President was born there: None
Two famous inventors or writers including what they did: Philo Farnsworth, Inventor of the television. Wallace Stegner (1909 - 1993) Author. Richard Paul Evans (Multiple New York Times Bestsellers)
One example of state trivia: Butch Cassidy (1866 - 1908) Born Robert LeRoy Parker was a notorious American train robber, bank robber, and leader of the Wild Bunch Gang. Born in Beaver, UT (1453)
Year of Statehood: California became the 31st state on September 9, 1850.
Capital City: Sacramento
Current state population: 38,041,430 - Jul 2012
Largest city and its population: Los Angeles 3,957,875 Total square miles: 163,707 square miles
Number of counties: 58
Highest point of elevation with name: 14,494 feet, Mount Whitney, highest in CA and US
Average annual precipitation: an average annual rainfall for the state of 23.09”: California State Climatologist's office
Racial composition (percentage of population by races): (2011)
White persons 74.0% Black persons 6.6% American Indian and Alaska Native persons 1.7% Asian persons 13.6% Native Hawaiian and Other…