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Research Process and Methodologies Study Guide
Andrea Aguilar
November 23, 2015
Jeanine Maine

Research Process and Methodologies Study Guide
This paper will have information in regards to research methodologies, and what style can be effective for research. I will be explaining the steps in the research process. I will summarize the difference between a hypothesis and a research question. I will be explaining the types of research methodologies. Including the types of data collection tools used in health care research. This paper will have some sampling methodologies. Also the types of statistical analyses. Explain the steps in the research process
There are many different styles in the research
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This section will provide two methods. One method is the historical method. Historical method is the research to recreate the problem. It is often about the tenability of a hypothesis. The second method is the case and field study. Case and field studies take a deeper approach to their subject and seek to identify nearly every facet that has any influence on the subject, from a detailed history to an exhaustive analysis of the environment or context. Both of these methods are good research methodology to find the cause of the problem. Data Collection Tools used in Health Care Research
Health care researchers rely on data for accurate results. Some data collection tools are the nominal data, ordinal data, interval data, and ratio scales. The nominal data exists when all we know is the categories into which the data fall. Nominal scales are used for labeling variables, without any quantitative value. An example of this is if we are doing the same age group of boys and girls. Ordinal data are typically measures of non-numeric concepts like satisfaction, happiness, or discomfort. An example of ordinal data is the patient pain scale that shows happy faces to severely sad faces. The interval data are numeric scales in which we know not only the order but also the exact differences between the values. The ratio data tell us about the order, they tell us the exact value between