Essay on Utopia: Care Bears and Teddy Graham

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Yolo Utopia was a very wealthy planet, but they used to take advantage of the people of the Care Bear Planet. One day the Care Bears decided to get revenge. After years of the Care Bear attacking Yolo, they finally gave up and the Care Bears changed Yolo Utopia to Teddy Graham. Teddy Graham is completely different from what the people of Yolo Utopia were accustomed to.

The government is so weird, Yolo was a monarchy and now Teddy Graham is a democracy. Teddy Graham, TG for short, is ran by a six-foot teddy bear named Sir Cuddles. Sir Cuddles is an extremely nice president but he doesn’t play when it comes down to breaking the law. The laws that get the biggest consequence are killing and stealing. Sir Cuddles gives people five times to break the law, depending on how bad the law is, but after their fifth time you go to jail for life. Sir Cuddles’ favorite saying is “Stealing is stealing. It can be a piece a gum or a million dollars. If you steal you will pay the price of what you steal in jail.” Just the other day a man got sentenced 5 years because he was on his third strike and he stole some a lollipop from a convenience store. Lawyers, and athletes were some of the best jobs you could have. But in TG those are all one of the least wanted jobs because they only get paid about as much as a middle school students allowance is on average. And thats is on a good week of working long hard hours and plenty of overtime. The most wanted jobs in TG are chiefs, teachers, seamstress, build-a-bear workshop workers; those jobs get paid the most after Sir Cuddles. If you have a good job and don’t break the law then you will have a great life in TG.

Most people in Teddy Graham are usually happy but there is one street where everybody is grumpy and mean. If you are smart you won’t go down that street alone, its like Compton all compacted into one street. Other than that street everybody is positive and is almost always smiling and laughing. The children love going to school because its on a nice, big, fluffy cloud. Classes are from 12p.m. to 3p.m and then its only during the spring for 3 days out of the week. After school most of the kids go to the milky way for milkshakes, pluto for the universe's largest mall, or venus for a huge arcade/ amusement park. Every now and then the people on Mars might throw a big party and the highschool kids might go up there and party on the weekends. Every night the families make sure they’re at home to eat dinner together. Most families have a big meal, they have dessert first then move on to the main course which is usually a meat and veggie dish. Family time is very important to the people in TG. One of the most famous sports in TG is plane cat fishing. A group of 3 or 4 people get into a plane and they have fishing rods and catnip when they get over a valley full of cats they drop their rods and see who can catch the biggest cat. Once a year TG has a nationwide competition to see each village will catch the biggest cat, the village that wins doesn’t have to work or go to school for two months and the person that actually catches the cat gets to be treated like royalty until the next year. TG is a really fun place to live, there is always something new to do.

TG is a very beautiful place, everywhere you look there are bright colors and gorgeous people. In the urban part there are huge uniquely structured skyscrapers. Around every corner there is a different building, that is more creative than the one before it. The streets are