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Utopia Journey


In Book One, Thomas More describes the circumstances surrounding his trip to Flanders where he has the privilege of meeting Raphael . This first part of Utopia chronicles the early conversations between More, Peter Giles, and Raphael . The three men discuss a wide range of civil, religious and philosophical issues. In my opinion , the “Dinner” part is the most interesting and important in Utopia book one , Thomas More, is on official "King's business," so he's been traveling around Northern Europe, ending up in Antwerp.While he's there, he sees his good old friend Peter Giles, an incredibly smart guy, chatting with an intriguing-looking stranger. This stranger, named Raphael has done some serious traveling. And since More loves to hear all about weird, unexplored places, Giles knows they'll want to chat. Giles explains that Raphael is not just any old traveler: he's studied ancient Greek, loves to talk about philosophy, and took his whole library with him on his voyages—not to mention he traveled with the famous Amerigo Vespucci. Apparently, Raphael has lots of other interesting things to say, but More explains that there just isn't time to repeat it all.
More acknowledges that Raphael did a great job answering many, many questions, particularly ones about how other "civilized nations" do things. Unlike most people, More and Giles didn't ask anything about silly monsters; they're both much more interested in politics and government. More