Utopia: Utopia and Perfect Society Essay

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Utopia At some point or another, we have all wished that life’s problems would go away and that everything could be “perfect”. Unfortunately, we are at a point in society where troubles are always present, and usually involve conflicts with other people- but could we manage to achieve a societal perfection? Will a time ever come where something that we consider a trouble is unheard of? In the general scope of things, it is more than likely impossible- simply a figment of our imagination. Perfection is too far-fetched a goal for humanity, simply due to the variance in personalities of our species. What may be perfect to one person may not be perfect to another, and differences in our opinions will always cause conflicts among one another.
The word “perfection” does not have a set-in-stone list of requirements, due to the fact that its definition is subjective and rooted in opinion. I interviewed several people and asked how they defined perfection, and then asked if they thought a perfect society was achievable. The answers I received varied from silly things like “never ending ice cream” to more compassionate things such as “world peace”, but most of the people I interviewed agreed that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve perfection in society.
The best way to define a perfect society is one where each individual’s personal idea of perfection is achieved. This, however, may not be as easy of an idea as it appears on paper. Imagine if my personal perfection involved having a huge castle with guards surrounding it and protecting me constantly. This means that the fulfillment of my perfect life requires the employment of other people. Now, imagine the guard’s idea of personal perfection- unless it involves guarding my castle 24/7 (which is highly unlikely), then his or her personal perfection has not been achieved. Conflicts like these would be prevalent no matter how close society came to being perfect. Direct conflicts of someone’s definition of perfection are not the only reasons society could never achieve a Utopian status. Every single person has a different personality, and humans are naturally inclined to ostracize people with different opinions (Through the Wormhole). Let’s say there is a man who loves eating meat, and he believes that perfection is having plenty of bacon around to eat at all times. On the other hand, we have a vegetarian man who, while not being directly affected by the meat lover, disapproves of his choices. This means the vegetarian is not really having a perfect life, because he knows that the meat lover is eating meat. Judgment of others’ choices is just another thing that can cause an otherwise perfect life to be imperfect. The world is a very diverse place. People in the Western World lead very different lives than those in the Eastern World, and the people that live in the varying regions of Earth are very different from one another. People have a tendency to be very proud of where they live, often to the point of being defensive of that place. It’s a natural trait that people have, and it can often lead to some very violent confrontations. Similar things happen when it comes to people’s religions. People can be very defensive and violent about their own personal beliefs and backgrounds, and disagreements like those will always happen. Sometimes of the biggest problems that face humanity aren’t caused by the humans themselves- sometimes it’s simply the environment they live in. Someone living in a place with little to no water or food obviously wouldn’t be living a perfect life, and there are some places where the damage done to the land is completely irreversible. Places like these are the last place on Earth someone would want to live, but oftentimes they don’t have a choice. With population increasing rapidly as time goes on, more and more people are going to be forced to live in places that are seemingly uninhabitable- and their lives will not be perfect. Even if