Utopia: Wind Power and World Essay

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It has been many years since our world fell apart. I am not certain I have all the answers on how to sustain a better way of living than our ancestors, but I do hold, a theory of a solution that feels as if it cannot fail. Unity is the key. Countries who felt separated, who fought for power over other countries, over people, over land and even over oceans, ruined our past. None of this belongs to anyone. This was their ultimate doom. If we unite in such a way that we rely and depend on one another for a society of peace, respect for all life, and crops of abundance, we will prevail. We can and will build a thriving utopia over the ruins ad ashes of the primitive world beneath our feet. Let us raise up out of the shadows of fear and selfishness that lead humanity astray. Humanity longs for acceptance, respect and love. This is the true essence of our species let us promote a world in which we love by this. Unity is the ultimate ideal for utopia.
The value of education is immeasurable. Not much survived from the age of the ending and much more died with the older generations overtime. Some basic knowledge was passed down through stories and simple lessons in reading, writing, and math. Of course we hold a few surviving history texts that clearly tell stories of a barbaric way of life from mostly very religious countries. Our primary focus of education should be character. Teaching our young to have compassion for others, respect for all of life, tolerance, and love. These are essential in utopia. To create a positive well being in each of us will expand our levels of consciousness and connectivity. Unity and inner spirituality will be greatly encouraged. Self-love, inner peace, and high consciousness will lead everyone to a path of unity and enlightenment. Religious teachings in which one adopts a set of beliefs, as their own from any other person will not be encouraged. This did not work in the past and it will not work now. We will all help to show each other to look within, to empower each other for the greater good of humanity. Secondary focus will be basic subjects such as reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and also history. We must keep reminding ourselves of the painful past of our worlds collapse so we may never know go down that same path. The vanity of those who lived before us will not serve our world of utopia. We will explore and learn how to expand on the subjects we know little about such as math and sciences. We will encourage imagination, exploration, and questioning in every teaching we give. Our elders will be the teachers. They are wise, patient, and loving. They will have purpose in this world as in the old they did not. They’re life experiences, knowledge, and wisdom makes more suitable than any. Our education will remain in connection with our everyday life and in alignment with higher human evolution to secure, maintain, and grow our utopian world. We will have classes for people who would want to learn more after they have finished K-12, it will be a little community college. They could learn to be a nurse, dentist, doctor, etc. The government of the past ruled over people. It was said to be for the people by the people but it was corrupt. They lied to their citizens, kept secrets, and enforced laws in which did not serve all. They created a justice system when in reality justice is an illusion. Justice can never be truly served. It is of low and vibrational thoughts and feelings of a sort of revenge. This created disharmony and separation in each society. Our government shall be much me open and free. Not to rule with power but to guide with wisdom. We will not lead by politicians but by the wisest and most enlightened teachers. They will guide us in way that promotes our goals for our world. They will organize our education and crop cycles. They will listen, feel, and use the highest choices that serve all. There will be no laws, because we own nothing, we share everything. Crime will not