V-Charge Cars Case Study

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A unique feature of V-Charge cars is that it can both look for empty parking spaces with charging facilities automatically and also free up charging bays for other electric vehicles once its battery is fully charged, where it will then search for conventional parking spaces automatically (Volkswagen AG, 2015).

Although some automotive companies possess technology for automated parking (Kalogianni, 2015), they do not possess the sophisticated technology of combining both automated charging and parking that Volkswagen has (Meyer, 2014).

Additionally, the V-charge system is has a smartphone application, where car owners can use the application to send their cars to find a parking space and recall them (Ramsey, 2015).
5.2.1 Feasibility

Licensing technologies is used previously in the case of P&G’s Citrus Hill, where they license their technology to their competitors and made profit (Martin, 2012). Similarly, Volkswagen has a
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Thus greater costs are incurred.

6. Conclusion

Based on our research, analysis and suggestions, we feel that Volkswagen has a chance to overcome the current crisis and regain its original portion of the market share. The important thing now for Volkswagen is to recall the cars fitted with the cheating device and fix them, along with apprehending those culprits. This would help appease its angry consumers and potentially regain their trust.

Another crucial underlying issue would be the unhealthy culture of the company. Preventing history from repeating itself is crucial, so Volkswagen has to ensure that its culture is transparent, open and intolerable of unethical behaviours. If Volkswagen achieves and maintains such a culture in addition to solving its most pressing needs, a comeback by the company is